Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget is a written and pictorial history of religious habits and updates information on current standings in convents.  While some religious communities have worn basically the same garb since their founding, others have gone through many changed during their history.  Some orders still wear traditional habits while others have modified their attire and some have dropped the religious habit all together.

“It is the author’s hope that all who read this book will admire the religious-doll attire that have been created through the artistic talent and attend to detail of Josie Lemming.  Josie is an expert seamstress whose dolls are historically correct in every way.  In the process of admiring the pictures, perhaps it will inspire the reader to remember a favorite teacher or nun in their life.  Certainly, these remarkable and dedicated women deserve our thanks and prayers.”

-from Lest We Forget by Patrick Lemming